Power Puck II

The Power Puck II UV is used very popular in UV industry. Easy to use and hand-carry with four selectabler wavelength, it is this reliable items to be used for any UV Application as wood, electronics, printing, etc.

  • Incorporates four separate spectral response ranges and measures all four simultaneously
  • Is used in UV curing applications of inks, adhesives, soldermasks and epoxies (not for use in web press applications)
  • Display scrolls through UV dosage in J/cm2 and peak UV intensity in W/cm2 of all four separate UV spectral response ranges
  • Measures lamp performance (and possible bandwidth shift for doped lamps)
  • Compares the efficiencies of different UV curing systems
  • UVA (320–390nm)
  • UVB (280–320nm)
  • UVC (250–260nm)
  • UVV (395–445nm)

Operating Ranges: 

The Power Puck II UV Radiometer instruments are now available in three operating or dynamic ranges. The standard (10W) unit works well for high-power UV curing applications. The new mid-range unit (1W) works well with lower power arc lamps and applications with lamps that are non-focused or a little further away from the cure surface. The low power unit (100 mW) works well in exposure systems and applications with low power lamps.

Suggested Ranges

  • High Power (Standard): UVA, UVB, UVV: 100mW/cm2–10W/cm2 / UVC: 10mW/cm2–1W/cm2
  • Mid Power: UVA, UVB, UVV: 10mW/cm2–1W/cm2 / UVC: 1mW/cm2–100mW/cm2
  • Low Power: UVA, UVB, UVV: 1mW/cm2–100mW/cm2 / UVC: 1mW/cm2–100mW/cm2

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