UV Integrator

Made in Germany

Our UV integrator is a flat measuring instrument with a relative display of the entire UV radiation spectrum. This measuring instrument is particularly suited for transport through UV dryers to routinely check the UV dosage.
It can also serve as an important tool to help you to determine the required UV radiation quantity to completely cure the UV coating and to determine the required conveyor belt speed.
Our measuring instruments have a 3-digit LCD display in mJ/cm² and a photocell with UV filter on the rear side. They have excellent reproducible measurement accuracy and are easy to operate.

We offer two types of measuring instruments:
1. UV INTEGRATOR (Standard Diameter: 11 cm)
2. UV INTEGRATOR S (Recommended if you work with high thermal loads caused, for example, by slow drying speeds; it features an integrated heat shield. Diameter: 13 cm)


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