KSJ WGG60-E4 Surface gloss meter


KSJ WGG60-E4 Surface gloss meter a large measurement range and sampling area, making it suitable for measuring samples with large surface areas and structures. The device ensures accurate, stable results with low error margins, thereby aiding in quality control and optimizing production efficiency.

KSJ WGG60-E4 Surface gloss meter is used to measure the gloss of surfaces such as paint, ink, coating materials, wood surfaces, decorative materials, paper, granite, and marble.

KSJ WGG60-E4 Surface Gloss Meter

  • Product Name: WGG60-E4 Surface Gloss Meter 
  • Brand: KSJ 
  • Model: WGG60-E4 
  • Designed and manufactured according to international standards ISO 2813 and GB/T 9754 
  • The technical specifications of the WGG60-E4 gloss meter also meet the requirements of ASTM D2457, ASTM D523, GB/T 13891, GB/T 7706, GB/T 8807 standards 
  • Applications: Used to measure gloss on surfaces including paint, wood, stone, plastic, leather, and non-metallic materials,... 
  • Measurement range of the device: 
    • Measuring gloss on various surfaces such as: Paint, varnish, oil paint, ink, etc. 
    • Decorative building materials: Measuring the gloss of decorative surfaces such as stone, ceramic tiles, etc. Other materials: Wood, bamboo, plastic, paper, and other materials. 
    • Machine accessories include: WGG60-E4 gloss meter, standard plate, charging cable, machine storage box, user manual, warranty card. 

Technical specifications:

  • Gloss measurement range: 0-199.5 GU 
  • Measurement angle: 60 degrees 
  • Resolution: 0.5 GU Accuracy: 2.0 GU 
  • Stability: 1.0 GU 
  • Measurement spot: 36×18 mm 
  • Measurement aperture: 50 x 20 mm 
  • Aperture size: 18x 36mm 
  • Gloss meter dimensions: 130x 40x 80mm 
  • Power supply: Integrated 8000mAh Lithium battery – 3.7V (Integrated rechargeable battery, can be used continuously for approximately 50 hours on a single charge) 
  • Power supply charger: Connect 187 – 244 (50HZ) 
  • Dimensions: 130 x 40 x 80 mm 
  • Weight: 430g 
  • Machine casing: Aluminum alloy material, aluminum alloy measuring head, detailed design, high accuracy and durability. 

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