UVA-351 imitating the sunlight and ultraviolet light passing through the window glass, it is the most effective for testing the aging of indoor materials.

UV lamp: UVA-351

Model: QUV/Basic, QUV/Se, QUV/Spray

Product is made by Q-Lab USA

The UVA-351 lamp is the most convenient to use because it directly matches sunlight through window glass. Materials can therefore be mounted in the QUV tester without window glass filters being used.


Figure 1: UVA-351 Through Window Glass

Figure 1 compares sunlight through glass, UVA351 through glass, and direct (unfiltered) UVA-351.
Unfiltered UVA-351 is a good simulation of sunlight behind window glass. Therefore, the effect of sunlight through glass can be simulated with the UVA-351 without actually mounting test samples behind glass. If, however, test samples must be mounted behind glass (sealants, window films, etc.)

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